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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

oh the lovely backfat

I had the unfortunate timing to go through undergraduate during the flannel years that matched that certain Seattle sound. Oversized shirts and loose-fitting clothing, all of which was okay, especially since it was really cold where I went to school. But hey, I'm no fashion guru, and it suited me fine, but it's quite a bit different than current trends in clothing.

Not to sound like the grumpy old man that I am, but now-a-days, the ladies and guys aren't so modest with their clothing. That's not always a bad thing, too. But honestly, I figure that low-rise jeans should be worn rarely, if at all. And only by the 2% of the population that's beautiful enough to do it. The problem with fashion is that people wear things that their body just wasn't meant to wear. And you ladies and fellas that are sporting the backfat should take heed, leave the low-rise jeans on the rack, and wear something more flattering. I saw at least 2 people walking around today with rolls of lard hanging over the back of their jeans, and it's just disgusting.

Now let me set the record straight. I am not in that 2% of beautiful people that can wear those kinds of jeans, and I have plenty of backfat to go around. So I choose to compensate by NOT tucking-in and carefully sparing those that see me from having to look right at it. I'm definately FOR the freedom to wear whatever you want. I'm also definately FOR having the good taste not to have a cheese log over the back of my pants for everyone to see.