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Thursday, June 16, 2005

game on!

Purchased these "Super Heroes Dominoes" in a town that consisted completely of a gas station and trailer in the middle of Wyoming. They had "antiques" inside where you pay for the gas, and you had to pay $1 to get the key to the honey bucket outside. I mean, I know there's some pay toilets in Europe, but that's the first I'd ever seen it in the US. (What keeps you from taking a leak 20 ft. from the front door? I mean, there's nobody there. I digress...)

Anyway, they had loads of *junk* stacked on shelves in this place that had lots of dust everywhere. A nice old man was working the counter. I saw this box of dominoes up in the corner wedged between 15 year old dolls with no hair and asked him to get it down. Sometime later, working with gears of slow and stop, he retrieved it and helped me count the pieces to make sure there was a complete set. He wanted $20 dollars for it and I offered $14. A quick trip to the back to check with "ma" and I had my quirky toy. Bingo was his name-o. (The first thing I did when I got home was check them out on ebay to see what they were going for. I think I got ripped off. But what the hey, I'm pleased with them.)

I have them on the shelf in my office, so anytime anyone is ready for a rousing game, drop on by. Some strange combinations on these puppies. I wouldn't normally put Flash and Batgirl together, but somehow on a domino it just looks right.

Thanks to Doug for taking the pic.