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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When you need to feel normal

Sometimes you just need to feel like there's someone out there that spends their time doing stranger things than you are doing. Or perhaps you just take comfort in the notion that other people create things just as bizarre as what goes on in your own head. Or when hell, you just need to smile a little bit. A friend* turned me on to some crazy little animations a while back that I just revisited, and laughed all over again. Check 'em out:
Magical Trevor, MT2 and Aaaaaaahaha.
And I highly recommend her blog for interesting reading, for anyone out there that's interested in life in higher ed and otherwise.

*Well, I don't want to be presumptuous, in case she reads this. I guess she is more of an acquaintance, since we only got to hang out for a short while. But we were friend-ly, at least, and since I recognize that I'm not the warmest person in the world and she managed to make me laugh, I'm thinking that she must be pretty cool.