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Monday, June 06, 2005

the land of Boz

Just saw the remake of The Longest Yard. Normally I would object to going to one of these fashionable remakes that never lives up to the original. But I was in the mood for a no-thinker (see previous post) and if it was even close to as good as the classic original, then I would enjoy myself.
...And for the most part I did enjoy myself. Some good lines, stupid sexist humor, but definitely poked fun at itself which was nice. The worst part was the role of Brian Bosworth, not because he's a horrible actor, but just because he was in it.

For those that remember (and I know all you Seahawks fans do), Bosworth was a draft lottery pick by Chuck Knox and the 'Hawks back sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. He came out of Oklahoma with an unprecedented hype, cool haircut, and bad attitude. He claimed he would not play for any team that wasn't on his "list" but somehow agreed to play for Seattle anyway after they guaranteed him something like 11M over 8 years. Well, I think he only played for a year and a half, or something, before hurting his shoulder and leaving the 'Hawks high and dry. He, of course, got paid the full amount.

Now I'm not claiming that he wasn't hurt or that he just wanted the money without playing. I think he probably did want to be a great NFL player. But the hype he created around himself was much larger than anything he could hope to deliver, which just left everyone disappointed. I still have my "Land of Boz" poster rolled up in my basement. He was going to deliver the Seahawks to playoff winning circles. And all I can think about is how Bo Jackson ran over and around him in the Kingdome. The very last thing I want to do is see him in a movie. He played a "bad" guy, one of the guards who played against our hero Crewe, which did seem appropriate. What would have been sweet justice is if the final touchdown had been directly over the top of Boz instead of Bill "roid" Romanowski.