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Friday, July 01, 2005

gimme the bean, baby

Saw this over at profgrrrl, a vanilla quiz that hit right on the mark. Vanilla bean for me. Want to try? Take the vanillaology quiz.

You're a real go-getter!
Nothing slips by you because you’re on your game at all times. You know what’s right and what needs to be done and you take charge to make sure it happens.

When it comes to vanilla ice cream, the perfectionist in you demands that it taste exactly like vanilla ought to taste. If it doesn’t have the obvious presence of real vanilla, it won’t pass your test.

Your vanilla is Edy's Vanilla Bean. You’re most likely to swap spoons with other Vanilla Bean lovers or entertaining Vanilla enthusiasts.

Wait a minute, are you Monica Geller from Friends? Or maybe Alan from Two and a Half Men?