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name: shelton brett
location: western u.s.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

time she's a-movin

S: Hey, what up? How's your summer going?
B: Pretty sweet so far. Went out to visit friends in the east, then went out to visit friends in the west.
S: That's a bit of travel. You're not known for your comfortable flying.
B: Tell me about it. One day I took off and landed 3 different times. That's a lot of praying for me. And I had left my Greek worry beads at home. Not good.
S: Well now that you're back, I suppose you're getting a lot done. Getting all those preps finished for the fall. You have all those books you can finish now. You have a buttload of articles to finish and grants to investigate. The landscaping needs... well, you need landscaping. How's it all coming?
B: Do you know what the word "nada" means?
S: Isn't that a light chicken gravy? C'mon, man, if you're worried about it, maybe you should spend less time thinking of terrible haikus and more time planting high-elevation shrubbery.
all the work looming
with my head wrapped in writing
double entendre