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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I just saw a great new commercial for Oscar Meyer bologna on TV. Actually, it was an old commercial, in the exact same form and song of the original: with many a young child singing the "Oscar Meyer" song in out-of-tune phrases that also missed a few words. Delightful.

I remember eating bologna (always pronounced "baloney" in my neighborhood) in sandwiches as a kid, and looooving them. I mean really loving that stuff. Maybe a little mustard, maybe a little butter, (never any mayo for me), but always enjoying a nice sandwich ideally between two slices of white (but yes, I had a mother that often threw in some wheat when I wasn't looking).


I think I also ate hot dogs. You know, the raw ones. Straight out of the fridge in the 12 pack, just for a snack. I don't remember thinking, "Damn, these things are great when not warmed up and not in a bun," but when you're hungry as a kid, some things are just going to do. That was the situation with raw hot dogs. Don't even get me started on the Sucrets as "candy" issue I had around, oh, 1st grade.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I saw the commercial and really had to think the last time I had bologna. (I still sing the song when I type it: B O L O G N A). I mean, I haven't had a bologna sandwich since I was a kid, and can't remember that time. I did, on a trip to Germany a few years back, order the "meatlof" off of the menu and had a big slice of what I presume was similar to bologna, but I don't think that counts since Darmstadt was somewhat recovering from Octoberfest at the time. I didn't eat it. And I went back to eating sausage and saurkraut for the remainder of my meals (awesome!) that trip.

Anyway, maybe I look forward to eventually having kids. I mean, yes, I do, and perhaps my return to bologna as a staple is part of that. Maybe.