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Thursday, June 29, 2006

an end to the cynacism? not exactly

Okay, just starting to realize that most of what I write on this thing has a really negative tone, and since I don't consider myself especially negative, that expressing some positives is a good idea. So now would be a good time to do that, related to the current conference.

It's been fabulous to connect with the old acquaintances I've met previously at this--and other related--conferences. I've had an excellent time discussing theory and practice, and learning more about what other research is going on in my interest space. So generally, the conference has been great! It's small enough so that you can interact with many people and actually do some professional socializing. That, along with a lot of good, interesting work, reinvigorates the intellectual engines and reminds me why I love my job and how great this field is.

So this would not be an end to the cheekiness, rather a brief holiday from the cynacism to remind myself that where I'm at and what I'm doing is really, really fun.