Sheltons Organic Turkey

if I empty out all the unimportant stuff here, maybe there'll be more room in my head for important things

name: shelton brett
location: western u.s.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Sellin' This Year) Supersuckers
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) Chevelle
Your Name On A Grain Of Rice Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers
Mr. Brightside Killers
Calypso John Denver
The Anthem Good Charlotte
The Outsider A Perfect Circle
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald Gordon Lightfoot
Pain Jimmy Eat World
The Rock Show Blink-182
Nada The Refreshments
Johnny Tarr Gaelic Storm
Turn The Page Metallica
Modern Day Cowboy Tesla
Simple Man Lynrd Skynrd
Gato Negro Supersuckers
Fiddle And The Drum A Perfect Circle