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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

summer to-do list

A friend was giving me a hard time yesterday about how when summer break begins that I'll have nothing to do. That's a, I better make out a work-related to-do list to see if he's right. This, of course, does not count refinishing the deck, yard work (planting bushes and trees, weeding, bringing in bark and spreading, installing drip lines, repairing and adjusting sprinklers, etc.), car maintenance, and those other domestic things that creep up when the weather gets warmer (anyone seen a wasp trap lately? I need one!).

No, this list is just about work-related things:

1. Finish and submit the absolute stickler of the paper from waaaaay back, dissertation days to the top-tier journal I've always dreamed about getting into (but likely will be hugely tough to do).

2. Write other committed-to journal articles that include 2 on PBL/instructional games, activity-goal alignment from design to development to implementation and results, and the analysis of motivation and gender with a look at classroom assessments and standards for instructional games. That's 4 that fit into this category.

3. Travel to and participate in 2 major conferences, and 1 minor conference. Plus help collaborators prepare for 2 other conference submissions.

4. Finish book chapter for forthcoming models and simulations book on educational gaming.

5. Help edit approximately 12 other chapters for same said book.

6. Re-formulate "presence and perspective" research project, and lead team to collect data, analyze, and wrap up for future article beyond this summer.

7. Write and help coordinate new grants (addressing 4 RFPs) that tackle different components of "educational games and simulations for people with disabilities" project. Approximate length of just the first one? 50 pages.

8. Create new class prep and revamp existing class for fall. The new class prep will involve a number of (new-to-me) important articles and careful thought.

9. Update my professional website to accurately reflect all information, including the new links to projects, research dissemination, and classes.

10. Teach intense 5-week summer class.

Yeah, looks like a nice, fun, relaxing summer.