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Thursday, June 29, 2006

overheard at the conference...

Statements people have heard me say here at the Int’l Conf. of the We’re into being Exclusivie Group (unofficial title, after learning that the flagship journal is NOT blind reviewed):

  • My submission was rejected like New Coke.
  • “Direct Manipulation Animation” is neither direct nor manipulation. Discuss.
  • (whispered to neighbor) How did this crap get past the review process?
  • Did you know you can just download learning? Just go to downloadlearning dot com. Huh, if I knew it was that simple I never would have gone to school. Just should’ve downloaded it.
  • I think my MacBook processor just lit my pants on fire.
  • I’m pretty sure that “accidental learning” doesn’t exist. And furthermore, just participating in an activity doesn’t mean you’re learning something either. I just participated in this conference session and I’m pretty sure after listening to these people that I’m dumber now than I was when the session began.

The best idea I’ve had at this conference had to do with scaling up of my research so that it can create impact at the system level. If I truly want something implemented, it’s clear how to make it work. “Look to the arches.” How did McDonalds get the McGriddle on the menu? Lots of PR and something that people liked. So if you’re trying to get something widely adopted, you have to have a lot of influence, access to a lot of resources (money, people and places). And most importantly, tasty meat surrounded by sugary goodness.