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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

savoir c'est survivre

The title means, to know is to survive. I'm concentrating hard on surviving right now, at the end of a long semester and a day that started bad and went downhill from there. My primary frustration at this particular moment is the constant search for external funding.

An important part of my job (that I'm not very good at, but trying hard to improve) is to convince people that the work I do is interesting and important, innovative and makes an impact. And to do my work, I need to manage good people who may have a lot to learn but who also need to somehow live on what we can offer them. Some folks call this process of finding funding "schmoozing," I suppose, but I generally believe that if you have good ideas, and people are out there that want to give money to people to develop their good ideas, then it's just a matter of time and effort before they get together. So I search, research, inquire and wait. Search and wait. Search and wait.

A number of successful people in my area are convinced that it's a matter of time before I receive a windfall from *some source* to help develop my projects. But it's frustrating trying to move forward when no one appears to be buying what I'm selling. So Eddie Spaghetti, my friend, sing me some lyrics that can help me out, and talk to me about how we all feel like this sometimes.

"Rock-N-Roll Records"

I've been workin like a mother just to get this fucker right
I got my ass down in the gutter tryin to irrigate this drought
Have no fear cuz now its here
rock and roll records ain't selling this year

I got my nuts against the grain and you know that it's a bitch
playin' through the pain and watching shit-bands get rich
it's been so clear to all my peers
that rock and roll records--they ain't selling this year

yeah it's a little bit of crummy how the music making money
seems to slip on through to a world full of dummys
I just get jeers for my blood sweat and tears
cuz rock and roll records ain't selling this year

I'm gonna spread it around, and get it all down
ain't gonna flip-flop, hip-hop, suckin on a pork chop
sounds so weird to my ears
that rock and roll records they ain't selling this year

Aow! Yeah, yeah yeah.

So at the end of the day I'm gonna do it my way
cuz I gotta have something good and fun to play
so raise you beer and let's say cheers
to rock and roll records that ain't selling this year

that's right, I'm here to testify on behalf of a rock and roll record

rock and roll records that ain't selling this year
aw, it's painfully clear
rock and roll records…