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Saturday, March 04, 2006

the permanency of it all

So, one of the things that's tough about email is the fact that there's no "undo" on it. You send that sucker and it's out there. I think almost everyone has a story of an email that they didn't mean to send and pressed that button and there you go, it's out there and there's no bringing it back. Ever write an email about someone and then accidently send it to the very person you were ragging on? Well, I haven't done that one but I've heard some horror stories. There's a similar issue with blogging. I've written some stuff only to read it the next day and take it back down. Perhaps that's the wrong thing to do, and blogs should be the place that you refrain from self-editing, I dunno.

Blogs also have that drawback of projecting what you want people to see, which is different than they are. If you blog something off-the-cuff and people read it, there's no controlling what impression they take of you and what you think. The same way you can project something you're not, is the same way the reader can take or leave what they want. It can be intentional or unintentional, but I'm guessing that often it's more the latter than the former. You can read a person's blog and think you're getting to know them, but are you really? Sometimes it's hard to remember that you're not. But what brought all this on was that I sent an email last night (about a blog, actually) and I'm regretting it's permanency. I need that undo button.