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Saturday, March 04, 2006

jonas and murdock

It's so cliche to blog about your pets that it's almost sickening. I mean, blogs are an exercise in narcissism anyway, but who cares about what pets you have? It's so ridiculous.

So here are my cats, Jonas and Murdock.

They are best buddies and about as opposite as two cats can be. Murdock is two weeks older than Jonas. He's a tall, lanky cat with huge hops and a verbose meow, especially when it gets close to kittymilk treat time. He's the all-black cat that I've always wanted, has funny cat-fangs, and will push you away when you pick him up but be mad when you put him back down. He's the smart one and instigates most of the trouble that they two get into.

Jonas is the first long-haired cat I've ever had and he's the sweetest feline I've ever known. We got him when he weighed all of 6 oz. from animal rescue. He was found abandoned and ears full of mites, plus a very serious respiratory infection. The first 3 weeks he would constantly sneeze, so much so that his nose would bleed (yeah, that was pretty messy). We had to force antibiotics down his throat for the first 3-4 months and were not sure if he was going to make it. Now at well over 20 pounds, he's got a loud purr, loves people and is the one whose curiosity is always getting him in trouble.

Those are my boys.