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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

that which is not supposed to be

PHOENIX (AP) -- In the NBA, one man's blocked shot can be another man's goaltending.

Such was the case when Kevin Garnett blocked Shawn Marion's short jumper at the buzzer to preserve the Minnesota Timberwolves' 103-101 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Monday night.

"That was a good block," Garnett told reporters. "I mean, you all saw what you saw, but as soon as it left his hand I got it, you know. I'm sitting right here in front of you all with a win."

The Suns complained vehemently that it was goaltending, but to no avail, and Minnesota had its first victory in five tries against Phoenix.

"I feel like the Seattle Seahawks," said Steve Nash, referring to what the Seahawks felt were bad calls by officials in Sunday's Super Bowl. "It's remarkable. There's like five games this year where we've not gotten a call in the last 30 seconds. After awhile, you realize you don't get those games back, and it's tough to take."


I could have, of course, pulled any number of comments from reports how Ben says he didn't get into the end zone, how the "experts" believe the officiating of SuperBowl XL was terribly one-sided, and how the Seahawks were robbed of any chance of competing in the game due to the officiating of the game. But the Nash quote brings to mind how the vernacular of unfortunate events can get ingrained into common speech. "Don't leave me Monsoned out here all alone," or "I got really Mollered last night," or "I was really sick but I never Miltoned, so it wasn't that bad." Unfortunately, we can now add getting "Seahawked" to the list.

I haven't read one full article about the game, haven't watched one post-game show, opened one sports page of a newspaper, or one wrap-up or any Sportcenters since the game. And I won't, either. (The Nash article was sent to me, and Google desktop keeps flashing headlines, which is how I know what the talk has been about.) If I even think about the game I just get upset, feel like punching something in the face (what stage of grief is that?), and frankly I don't have time to spend the mental energy worrying about it. As far as I'm concerned, the final score of that game was Pittsburgh 0, Seattle 0, NFL -35. And no one will be able to convince me otherwise.