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Monday, January 16, 2006

Seahawks win their playoff game

So, the long-suffering Seahawks fans like myself finally get a playoff win and it just feels great. I was at their last playoff win at home, back in 1984 against the Raiders (then a division rival). Ghostbusters was all the rage, and accordingly, the knockoff T-shirts quickly followed. I bought this one and wore it to the game, a 13-7 win for the 'Hawks.

I gave the shirt to my good friend Rob who took this picture at yesterday's game and sent it to me over his phone. The shirt came full circle, from win to win, and it only took 20 years! Makes me feel like a little part of me was at the game, too. Let's hear it for the Raiderbusters, in a huge win over the Redskins. It was a long time coming!