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Monday, August 22, 2005

procrastination quiz and goals

Wasn't sure how I'd do on a procrastination quiz, so I took one! Check it out here.
Not bad, a 30 out of 100. What does this score mean? "Your overall score on this test appears to be low. It appears that you don't procrastinate very often. This is great, as procrastination can be a major setback in reaching your goals. There is still room for improvement, however, so be conscious of the times that you do procrastinate and make an effort to stay on track." Of course, Ricky Williams would say that setting goals is a waste of time, becasue it takes away from living in the moment. Yeah, thanks Ricky. Zen-stoopid. I would laugh but I'm too busy being utterly disappointed. But I digress....

It was a bit of a strange quiz because it asked about everything from academic success to relationships, cleaning house and things like exercise. Not sure how they're all related, but apparently the folks at Psychology Today do.