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Monday, May 09, 2005

college NASCAR

Friends and I were talking the other night about how some of the smaller state schools can expect to compete with the money-making sports that many of the larger schools produce. An extrodinary amount of revenue is generated for those schools who have huge programs in basketball and football. The students and faculty at my school could certainly benefit from that kind of money, which gets diverted into facilities and programs that all campus people benefit from.

So then, what's the deal with NASCAR. I've seen articles that proclaim how NASCAR makes more money, and has a larger U.S. fan base, than any other professional specatator sport. Hunderds of thousands of people participate in these weekly events, and millions more form a TV audience that rake in advertising dollars. So...why not a college racing series? This would be a chance for smaller schools--that have a large contingent of students who are drawn to land-grant and agriculture kinds of places--to earn the kind of dollars in a sport where they might excel at automotive-related events. It could become huge.