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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my first hockey goal

Not a giant proclamation or anything, but I have to announce that I scored my very first hockey goal the other night (in competitive play). Get ready to be bored with a play-by-play of a men's no-checking-league hockey highlight:

It was a rebound goal. I was at the edge when I saw the puck come toward me from in back of the net. I threw my blade at it a few times in quick succession, and sure enough, I got it over the goalie pad which was late in getting over. So.... I stood there. No real celebration, no huge horn sounded or anythingl. I skated to the bench among some congratulations (thanks, Ian, youdaman) and just felt glad to be part of a good thing. So, the thing is that I fully expect that this goal to be the last of the athletic-related feats I'm going to accomplish. I'm getting old, and this is likely the final sport that I'll try competitively. But I'm very happy that I scored, it was quite a thrill, as I got hooked on hockey when I lived in Phoenix and especially when I moved to Detroit. BTW, I kept the scoring streak alive with a nice assist the next game: I took it away from a defenseman the first period and sent one toward the net, and Greg was there to tip it up and over the goalie pad to score. (Yea, Greg!) It was a score to knot the game at 2-2 in the first. We went on to finish 7-2 so the other team was pretty chapped by the end and it got a little chippy (they have a guy named something really cool, some say it's an amalgamation of his last name "pichar" but it sounds like "pie chart" and I really want that to be my nickname since I hate those things so much and I teach data vis. ... anyway)... Assisting a goal is as much or more thrilling than scoring for yourself, maybe because setting someone else up is harder than actually scoring. I don't know, but the assist was just as sweet. It's a great game... I just hope to keep improving the longer I play.